The World of Water

by Graham Rawlings I feel proud that the Australian State of Tasmania has recently declared itself 100% powered by renewable electricity. What a break-through, hopefully to be followed by many other jurisdictions in due course. Tasmania is unique in that it has a favourable climate, suitable topography, and geology which make it all possible. How… Continue reading The World of Water

Sanitizers in Staples

by Rob Dramer and Lillian Ireland   Sanitizers in Staples and masks in their stock! Who would have guessed this on life’s earlier clock? Floor lines in Thrifty’s, metering spaces with plexiglass protection so we still see their faces. For some, there’s confusion when things aren’t enforced; conflicts build up then challenges emerge. Yet, it’s… Continue reading Sanitizers in Staples

Stepping beyond uncertainty

by Lillian Ireland There’s a dull ache from not knowing when these COVID days will end. I wake up each day from dreams of how I feel suspended and trapped inside a sea of strange disbelief and grief. It’s like a fictional foreboding from which I want relief. It feels like a hammer has pummeled… Continue reading Stepping beyond uncertainty