Thoughts, prayers and protests: reflections on “spirited” action

by Bob Worcester “Thoughts and prayers” are a common response to tragedies like hurricanes and school shootings. For some it is merely perfunctory, for some it is genuinely heartfelt, and for others it seems to be a pale substitute for substantive action to address the problems at hand. Environmentalists who identify themselves as “spiritual but… Continue reading Thoughts, prayers and protests: reflections on “spirited” action

A conversation with a guy in a pick-up truck

by Stan Hirst Langdale, B.C. on a Sunday afternoon in early spring. Background of sunny weather and balmy breezes. Add in a few thousand Sunshine Coast vacationers and day-trippers heading home. Result = a humungous line-up for the Horseshoe Bay ferry. Which is how I found myself in a tightly packed line of parked vehicles… Continue reading A conversation with a guy in a pick-up truck

What about enlightenment?

by Jill Schroder What about Enlightenment? Pretty potent topic, eh? Steven Pinker, tackles it big time! Check out this recent TED talk based on his book Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress. Good news, perhaps startling to many of us, especially progressives, is that there are many reasons to be encouraged about the… Continue reading What about enlightenment?

Perils of Apparel

Proceedings of a Suzuki Elder salon, April 5, 2018, Vancouver, B.C.  Researched and written by Erlene Woollard, Patricia Plackett, Julie Zhu, Erzsi Institorisz, Allison Penko, Jennifer Sharp, and David Plackett Edited by Stan Hirst     THE ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL IMPACTS OF WHAT WE WEAR The apparel industry is the second most polluting industry on Earth today, exceeded in impact only by the… Continue reading Perils of Apparel

In Defence of Pick-up Trucks

by Stan Hirst In a recent post on the DSF website David Suzuki commented on the persistent rise in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rates in the North American transportation sector and the role of pickup trucks and SUVs in that phenomenon. The background to his post is the fact that transportation currently accounts for about… Continue reading In Defence of Pick-up Trucks

A green perspective

by Stan Hirst Introduction In a blog posted on this site earlier in the month, Elder Bob Worcester proposed a new view of the world, termed the ‘green perspective’. The prime purpose of this view is to provide a framework for mitigating the present worldwide vitriolic conflicts between the world’s “globalists” and “localists”. “Globalists” are… Continue reading A green perspective

February Gloom

by Stan Hirst Even though February was the shortest month of the year, sometimes it seemed like the longest -J.D. Robb From my perspective on a dark and gloomy Vancouver North Shore being assailed by interminable chilly rain February absolutely seems like the longest month. And the whole world seems dark and gloomy. Environment Canada… Continue reading February Gloom

Of Priuses and pick-up trucks

By Bob Worcester The world seems caught in a conflict between “globalists”, the urban elites who welcome and support the world-wide integration of communications, commerce and transportation, and “localists” who view with suspicion the move from traditions, home and family to the “new world order” and its chaotic clash of cultures. One is tempted to… Continue reading Of Priuses and pick-up trucks

Stewardship: Being Involved

by Josef Kuhn As human-beings we interact on an ongoing basis with other beings. Some of these beings are living, some are not. Alive or not, all beings come from the creative flow of the universe, the Supreme Being, God, the Creator, or other cultural designation of highest spiritual recognition and respect. We human-beings are… Continue reading Stewardship: Being Involved