Back to the future, kids

by Stan Hirst Permit me to introduce the apples of my eye – my grandkids. They’re Canadians, so naturally there is one boy and one girl. I use the term ‘Canadians’ somewhat collectively, since a quick review of their family trees shows ancestors from 10 known genetic ancestries. Plus, there is a bit of Neanderthal… Continue reading Back to the future, kids

It’s not as bad as it looks (but is it much worse than it seems?)

[global change, climate change, understanding, pessimism, optimism, attitude] by Peggy Olive In the wee hours of the morning, I listened to a replay of one of CBC’s  thought-provoking programs called Ideas. A career diplomat, Paul Heinbecker, was invited to discuss The Challenge of Peace. Among other positions, Heinbecker served as Permanent Representative of Canada to… Continue reading It’s not as bad as it looks (but is it much worse than it seems?)

Coping with a changing world

[global, change, psychology, pessimism, optimism, attitude] by Stan Hirst I spent an hour or two idling along the Ambleside sea-wall this past week. Ships at anchor in a placed bay, azure blue sky overhead with the proverbial scudding white clouds, a pair of bald eagles fishing just off-shore (one fish from 30 dives, and I… Continue reading Coping with a changing world

The Elders’ Declaration

by Stan Hirst Some things are worth repeating.  Like walking the Lynn Creek canyon on the North Shore in early winter when the grey rain keeps everybody else indoors. Like watching the flocks of band-tailed pigeons make their annual brief sojourn to my neighbourhood to guzzle whatever they can find in the greenbelt trees. Like… Continue reading The Elders’ Declaration

Changing with the times

(140423) -- JIUQUAN, April 23, 2014 (Xinhua) -- A man walks in a sandstorm on the outskirt of Guazhou, Jiuquan, northwest China's Gansu Province, April 23, 2014. Parts of Gansu was hit by a sandstorm Wednesday afternoon, which reduced visibility to less than 50 meters, according to the provincial meteorological center. (Xinhua/Nie Jianjiang) (hdt)

by Stan Hirst Try this simple word association game with your friends or family members. It will take less than a minute. Give them a word and ask them to respond immediately with whatever word that first comes into their minds. Give them about six or seven random words in quick succession and then throw… Continue reading Changing with the times

Looking Back and Forth: A Sense of Place

by Erlene Woollard I grew up as a quietly feral child in the deep US South in the midst of a conservative, highly traditional and even rigid decorum. My earliest memories are of much family chaos juxtaposed with the serene visits to my grandparent’s farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was… Continue reading Looking Back and Forth: A Sense of Place