Moving Beyond Despair about the Climate Crisis

Session at Trout Lake Community Centre to Take Place on April 14 This is an invitation to all ages to join Suzuki Elders and Solastalgia Youth for a unique and inspiring intergenerational afternoon that unites the wisdom of the elderly with the passion of youth in a creative exploration of emotions related to the climate… Continue reading Moving Beyond Despair about the Climate Crisis

What is an Elder?

This is often asked question can be answered in a number of ways.  The simple answer is that it is a term used to refer to older members of a society and often, though not necessarily, used as a term of respect. Most cultures world-wide have a similar term used to designate mature individuals.  For… Continue reading What is an Elder?

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Suzuki Elders Retreat

Thursday, September 14, 9 am to 4 pm All Suzuki Elders are invited to participate in a day-long retreat at Maplewood Flats Conservation Area in North Vancouver on Thursday, September 14. Revitalization of the Elders is the purpose of the retreat. We hope to • Re-energize our work as Suzuki Elders with a sense of… Continue reading Suzuki Elders Retreat

Lucid Ramblings

On a Drink of Water and on Slowing Down By Dan KingsburySuzuki Elder Maybe climate change is the wrong message. Maybe fresh water scarcity and water wars are the right message, and unless we do something different soon, it isn’t going to matter much. Such as it is, we are a reflection of our environment.… Continue reading Lucid Ramblings

Be Prepared, Not Scared

By Lillian Ireland. Just over a year ago, British Columbia experienced a harrowing flood, impacting and altering life inland and in many areas along the coast.  Folks came from across Canada to help with the devastation and aftermath, offering psycho-social and logistical support as well as boots-on-the-ground assistance. Close friends had been caught between two… Continue reading Be Prepared, Not Scared

The Green New Deal in Canada

Transformation to Better Stewardship and a Restoration Economy Josef Kuhn MSc, EcologistRay Travers MSc, Forester Climate change, unhealthy ecological and economic systems and human conflict require a fresh approach to business and government in the twenty-first century. A rapidly growing number of Canadians, and like-minded people in many countries around the world, are working to… Continue reading The Green New Deal in Canada

Early Spring

By Lillian Ireland The early dawn had been enshrouded in profound global grief. Feeling the despair, I turned off the news and stepped outside for some brisk morningair. Needing a healthy distraction, I drove to my outdoor sanctuary, a place of safety andfamiliarity. My fingers automatically reached for the car radio and just as quickly,… Continue reading Early Spring

A clear-eyed view of the value of Two-Eyed Seeing in environmental management

by Stan Hirst Canada has bequeathed a host of memes to the world. Most have to do with snow, cold, hockey or national institutions such as Tim Horton’s. Some are barbs at our American neighbours, others are subtle boosts to our own fragile egos. Now a new one has been appearing more frequently in the… Continue reading A clear-eyed view of the value of Two-Eyed Seeing in environmental management