Five Suzuki Elders and their Stories

The Suzuki Elders are a voluntary association of self-identified elders, working with and through the David Suzuki Foundation. They support other elders and younger generations through dialogue and action on environmental issues. Five of the elders share what they’ve learned from these collaborations in this video. For the video, go to this link

To Be A Climate Leader Take Climate Reality Training

Twenty years later, and now an elder in his 70s, Al Gore is still giving Climate Reality presentations. After more than a decade of delivering powerful presentations, Al Gore’s passion has grown into an annual global training movement. Climate Reality Training offers the opportunity to learn more about the climate crisis and empowers individuals to… Continue reading To Be A Climate Leader Take Climate Reality Training

We aren’t giving up the fight against the TMX pipeline!

By Karl Perrin, Suzuki Elder. The fight to stop the TMX (Trans Mountain Pipeline and Tank Farm Expansion) has been going on since 2012), and it isn’t over yet. Yes, the pipeline is being built, but the fight continues. Why? Because the new pipe would carry 590,000 barrels of dilbit (diluted bitumen) per day. SFU… Continue reading We aren’t giving up the fight against the TMX pipeline!

The Write Stuff

By Stan Hirst, Suzuki Elder. What did we Elders learn from building and running those early websites over the course of a decade? We discovered that world-wide web users were indeed drawn to our sites – hundreds of thousands of viewers from 180 countries. The most popular items with viewers were the blog posts, the… Continue reading The Write Stuff

Inter-generational Storytelling Project

The Suzuki Elders have often told stories about their connection to nature. An appreciation and love of the natural world is how most became involved with the David Suzuki organization. In 2015 a group of  young people interviewed several Suzuki Elders about their experiences and created this video. The tales the young people gathered showed… Continue reading Inter-generational Storytelling Project

You Gotta Have Hope

by Diana Ellis, Suzuki Elder. Hope is complex. Some cling to it, others don’t believe in it at all. We lose hope sometimes, and gain it at other times. Our own historical place in society impacts on our sense of hope, and our experience with hope impacts on our thoughts and actions about our place… Continue reading You Gotta Have Hope

Climate: A New Story

Climate: A New Story by Charles Eisenstein North Atlantic | 2018 | 320 pages Having read this book and also watched the video below of author Charles Eisentstein himself reviewing it, I have convinced myself it is a powerful narrative to begin to comprehend the significance of these times in terms of survival of the kind of diversity… Continue reading Climate: A New Story

Season’s greetings……

  “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.” –  John Muir (1912)