by Lillian Ireland

Please join me as we walk together on this rocky trail,

Emerald moss, sun-lit ferns, skunk cabbage along the way,

Far from city busy-ness and panic in the stores

into the forest quietness and calm near river shores.



There’s  a need to feel the wind’s cool breeze and hear  returning birds.

The robins and the swallows, but for some, these can’t be heard.




We’re in hard times around the world; I’ve friends in Italy,

Their voices bursting from their doors bring hope in  communities.

Instead of wandering through their woods, confinement holds them fast,

But they’re rising above and showing their love, knowing these hard times will not last.




And as things change for us  in Canada, changing hour by hour,

We thank the many behind the scenes and those who are in power.

They give their all to make things work while trying to keep us safe,

And we’ll do our part, as we walk together along this bumpy trail.

So, these landscapes are for you, if you can not venture far,

There’s medicine in nature, may you enjoy it from wherever you are.





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