Nature’s Beauty

by Jenn Ireland

I am a Cree Mètis artist with a passion for nature. I was born in northern Alberta and have lived on Stò:lo territory in the Maple Ridge area of B.C. for many years. I have an eyesight disability which helps me see things differently than most people.

I take pictures of nature. My photography has been seen by people around the world. Because of my special ways, I understand things differently than other people. I’ve been able to help people and animals because I connect with them. I work with animals and help them to not be scared.

I find it healing to write; it helps me release my stress and worries about what’s going on. I believe the Creator is guiding me in writing. I want to encourage others, especially young people, to write their own stories and to create and share their stories, poems, jokes, drawings and photographs with the world.


Walking along the rustic forest paths, there are so many beautiful trees and rocky streams.
There are so many different paths we can take.
I look up and watch the tall lush trees swaying peacefully in the wind.
So many birds chirping and waiting for another bird to answer, singing so gracefully.
Listening to the water flowing tenderly over the rocks, sitting quietly taking in the scents of the trees,
I am mesmerized by the water rushing over the pebbles.
Being out in nature is important to our health.



    1. Thank you for your kind words. I know it’s been tough in Peru too. My heart goes out to you.
      I hope your creativity is helping you get through as well.

  1. Jenny your words are soothing for a world in need of kindness and assurance. Please keep sharing your gift.

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