Truth and reconciliation reflections

Understanding truth and reconciliation requires us to listen, to witness, and to share. David Suzuki is an adopted son of the Haida First Nations. He is revered by aboriginals across Canada from east to west, north and south. Suzuki Elders were invited to attend the Truth and Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop in Vancouver on August 22… Continue reading Truth and reconciliation reflections

Looking Back and Forth: A Sense of Place

by Erlene Woollard I grew up as a quietly feral child in the deep US South in the midst of a conservative, highly traditional and even rigid decorum. My earliest memories are of much family chaos juxtaposed with the serene visits to my grandparent’s farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was… Continue reading Looking Back and Forth: A Sense of Place

The Old Home Place

by Bob Worcester “Let’s visit the old farm,” said my sister as we breezed along the four lane freeway. We had spent a day kayaking the crystal clear Pine River in northern Minnesota and were about an hour’s side trip away from the grandparents’ old farm we visited often as children. Trygve, my nephew, was… Continue reading The Old Home Place