Inter-generational Storytelling Project

The Suzuki Elders have often told stories about their connection to nature. An appreciation and love of the natural world is how most became involved with the David Suzuki organization. In 2015 a group of  young people interviewed several Suzuki Elders about their experiences and created this video. The tales the young people gathered showed… Continue reading Inter-generational Storytelling Project

You Gotta Have Hope

by Diana Ellis, Suzuki Elder. Hope is complex. Some cling to it, others don’t believe in it at all. We lose hope sometimes, and gain it at other times. Our own historical place in society impacts on our sense of hope, and our experience with hope impacts on our thoughts and actions about our place… Continue reading You Gotta Have Hope

Fairy Creek – Save the Old Growth Forests

by Dan Kingsley. Fairy Creek isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a tragedy born from last century’s values that bespeak of our need for a new story. Imagine cutting down an old growth forest (2.7% remaining intact) to be akin to cutting down your grandparents because you can get all their inheritance, all to yourself, and… Continue reading Fairy Creek – Save the Old Growth Forests

British Columbia in flames: stories from a blazing summer

British Columbia in flames: stories from a blazing summer by Claudia Cornwall Harbour Publishing Ltd | 2020 | 289 pages Fires have always been an integral part and process of British Columbia’s forests for as long as mankind has occupied and traversed the land. The large majority have been ‘natural’ wildfires started by lightning or… Continue reading British Columbia in flames: stories from a blazing summer

The World of Water

by Graham Rawlings I feel proud that the Australian State of Tasmania has recently declared itself 100% powered by renewable electricity. What a break-through, hopefully to be followed by many other jurisdictions in due course. Tasmania is unique in that it has a favourable climate, suitable topography, and geology which make it all possible. How… Continue reading The World of Water

What Will It Take for Governments to Act?

The biggest brown coal power plant of the world.

by Paul Strome Most people who live in a ‘free country’ like Canada believe they have the right to a healthy environment. We feel we are entitled to all that is imbedded in that philosophy – clean water, fresh air, healthy food, etc. Those of us who live in a rural setting (18% as of… Continue reading What Will It Take for Governments to Act?

Stepping out of the shade

by Jill Schroder “When day comes, we step out of the shade…” is an excerpt from Amanda Gorman, the youth Poet Laureate’s contribution at the Biden-Harris inauguration. This phrase landed with me and then rippled out. It does seem like we are stepping out of the shade now, in January. The days are getting longer,… Continue reading Stepping out of the shade