Re-cycle, re-purpose, read-on!

By Lillian Ireland
Suzuki Elder

Recently, the Chilliwack Rotary Club hosted its annual outdoor Book Sale.

Folks were lined up well before the sale waiting to sort through countless books, comics, DVDs, CDs and records and to make their selections.

The books had been categorized, so all ages could go directly to their areas of interest and browse.

As well, in a special area designated for children and youth, seasoned story tellers shared favourite books with eager children. These intergenerational moments were a new addition to the Book Sale.

Close by, cinnamon buns were savoured while listeners enjoyed live music and stories about Canada’s official birds.

At this unique event, tens of thousands of previously read, donated books were given a second chance. Many folks left with bags and wagons brimming with reading material.

Profits from this sale will help support local and international initiatives.

In a nearby storage facility, tonnes of other donated books awaited the next sale.

The work being done by the Chilliwack Rotary Club exemplified a positive win-win opportunity. Re-cycle, re-purpose, read-on! It’s another example of environmental stewardship!

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