Sit back and stand strong




Photo: Les Raskewicz



Photo: Jenn Ireland



by Lillian Ireland 

The days have blurred beyond today, one hour into another,

It’s strange, this new norm; our lives are now changed,

uncertainty is the mantra.


Quiet heaviness weighs in, while we all wait this out

then we hear a chickadee calling,

through the window he sings,

in his chorus he brings a Good Morning! a new day is dawning.


Shall we turn on the news or go under the covers,

or for now, just open the window?

The news will update us; laying low will protect us; but new life somehow gives us hope.


The trees are abounding in blushing attire,

while daffodils enchant one by one,

And the first of the dandelions broadcast to all,

Spring has come! life moves along.


The day may bring rain but it’s showering breath replenishes, offering life,

the simplest of pleasures, a coastal spring rain nourishes, beckoning new growth…


Lifted by wonders of new life unfolding, we quietly continue our day,

since the pace is much slower, we have many choices,

and some of us may choose to pray…

giving thanks for this day, which we don’t take for granted, and praying for those far and near, courage to uphold them, love to defend them and peace to keep their minds clear.


We give thanks for the earth and the wonders in nature, like the chickadee’s voice yet small size,

and give thanks to our ancestors who gave us their knowledge to help us, so we could survive,

and to sacrificing workers, their numbers are countless, giving their time and their lives,


These days may be tough, but we’re stronger together,

sit back, then together we’ll rise.


These days may be tough, but we’re stronger together.

Stand strong and together we’ll rise.












Photos by Lillian Ireland



  1. I needed that. Some of these ‘new normal’ days are too heavy to bear. But a reminder that a chickadees voice can bring joy is enough to break that weight.
    Together we will rise.

  2. Lillian your words are so uplifting and your pictures remind me that spring really will come, although some of us are still in snow! The birds don’t realize how they can lift a heart up!

  3. Love and thankfulness for you dear Lillian. With prayer for you and for all. God and His peace be with you! Thank you!

  4. Lillian, what lovely and inspiring poem – relevant and profound as we individually respond to this sudden upheaval of “life as usual.”

  5. Thank you my dear sister, and niece! That brought tears to my eyes, and every word I could see and feel out here in Red Deer. Missing you all, but I know you are all strong and your message is for everyone!! And together, like you said, in a beautiful poem… we are stronger together. We have to sit this out and be thankful to all working so hard to keep us safe. Hugs from Alberta!

    1. We may not be able to hold hands, but we can sure hold hearts! We’ll get through this stronger and with lessons learned. Hugs to you too!

  6. Thank you so much my dear friend. We stand on guard for thee Canada…as always:) We will persevere.

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