Fairy Creek – Save the Old Growth Forests

by Dan Kingsley. Fairy Creek isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a tragedy born from last century’s values that bespeak of our need for a new story. Imagine cutting down an old growth forest (2.7% remaining intact) to be akin to cutting down your grandparents because you can get all their inheritance, all to yourself, and… Continue reading Fairy Creek – Save the Old Growth Forests

Rethinking PLASTIC: Making change happen

by Patricia Plackett On 26 October 2017 a salon organized by the Suzuki Elders examined the growing concern surrounding plastic in our oceans.  The durability of plastic means that it never disappears, although it can break down into smaller and smaller micro-sized and nano-sized pieces. Of the plastic discarded on land, a surprisingly large amount… Continue reading Rethinking PLASTIC: Making change happen

Grizzly facts

Grizzly, grizzlies. bears, hunting, conservation by Stan Hirst “Wildlife management is a mish-mash of science, public relations and politics, not necessarily in that order”. I came across that humble homily in a bundle of 50-year old lecture notes from my graduate student days. Why would I keep lecture notes for that long? I have no… Continue reading Grizzly facts

The Elders’ Declaration

by Stan Hirst Some things are worth repeating.  Like walking the Lynn Creek canyon on the North Shore in early winter when the grey rain keeps everybody else indoors. Like watching the flocks of band-tailed pigeons make their annual brief sojourn to my neighbourhood to guzzle whatever they can find in the greenbelt trees. Like… Continue reading The Elders’ Declaration

Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative

The Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative seeks to protect and recover threatened grizzly bears and safeguard their habitat in southwest British Columbia through science-based planning and community involvement. Our goal is to restore the five threatened grizzly bear populations in southwest British Columbia and to connect grizzly bear habitat while encouraging environmentally responsible development.… Continue reading Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative