Fairy Creek – Save the Old Growth Forests

by Dan Kingsley. Fairy Creek isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a tragedy born from last century’s values that bespeak of our need for a new story. Imagine cutting down an old growth forest (2.7% remaining intact) to be akin to cutting down your grandparents because you can get all their inheritance, all to yourself, and… Continue reading Fairy Creek – Save the Old Growth Forests

A Brighter Future using Etuaptmunk “Two-Eyed Seeing”

by Paul Strome Disputes between indigenous and non-indigenous interests over renewable resources and user conflicts have regrettably been part of the Canadian national fabric for centuries. The ongoing dispute between Mi’kmaq and non-Indigenous lobster fishers in southwest Nova Scotia is yet another page in an ongoing saga. The historical and treaty-based facts underlying the Mi’kmaq… Continue reading A Brighter Future using Etuaptmunk “Two-Eyed Seeing”

Lobsters, Legacies and Legalities in the 21st Century

by Bob Worcester The 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas with its “doctrine of discovery” declared “non-Christian” lands were fair game for European explorers. By this doctrine Canada was deemed “terra nullius” or “empty land” which when claimed for the Crown gave sovereigns the legal right to occupy, govern, defend and exploit that land. In the long sad history… Continue reading Lobsters, Legacies and Legalities in the 21st Century

On Lethal Overwatch

by Bob Worcester Many of us were rightfully shocked to read a recent report that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were prepared to assign snipers to the removal of the Wet’suwet’en roadblock opposing the northern liquid natural gas (LNG) pipeline. Reports suggested that “lethal overwatch” (a newspeak term for the deployment of armed snipers)… Continue reading On Lethal Overwatch


Corvus by Harold Johnson Thistledown Press, 2015 208 pages [Science Fiction] George, the protagonist, is a somewhat disillusioned lawyer whose hobby is flying an “organic recreation vehicle (ORV)” – a hybrid that combines the characteristics of a crow with an ultralight. George crashes during a storm in the mountains near a First Nations village that… Continue reading Corvus

Spiritual Ecology – Restoring Nature Awareness

by Josef Anton Kuhn Our ancestors had many stories, often referred to as teachings, about creation and spiritual being. Many of these stories have survived the onslaught of modern cultures and technology. They present different visions of creation than are given by many present-day interpretations of religious, industrial and government institutions. Modern institutional and ‘new… Continue reading Spiritual Ecology – Restoring Nature Awareness

Of Priuses and pick-up trucks

By Bob Worcester The world seems caught in a conflict between “globalists”, the urban elites who welcome and support the world-wide integration of communications, commerce and transportation, and “localists” who view with suspicion the move from traditions, home and family to the “new world order” and its chaotic clash of cultures. One is tempted to… Continue reading Of Priuses and pick-up trucks

First Nations and pipelines

by Karl Perrin Abridged from a sermon delivered May 21, 2017, to the Unitarian Church of Vancouver Chief Seattle once said: “This we know. The earth doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the earth. All things are connected, like the blood that unites one family. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters… Continue reading First Nations and pipelines

Report on Coast Salish Culture Day

by Peggy Olive Mahan Hall on Salt Spring Island was standing room only for the Coast Salish Culture Day this past Sunday, February 21st. The large turnout, including dozens of captivated children, was a welcome surprise for organizer, Joe Akerman, and the local First Nations band members who attended and performed for each other and… Continue reading Report on Coast Salish Culture Day