Do you have thoughts on the way B.C. deals with environmental spill emergencies?

The first phase of regulations regarding spill preparedness came into effect in October 2017. The second phase, happening now, includes the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy’s Intentions Paper outlining policy concepts government is considering to ensure effective spill management across the province. Government wishes to collect feedback from Indigenous community members, industry, local government, environmental organizations, affected… Continue reading Do you have thoughts on the way B.C. deals with environmental spill emergencies?

Pipeline letter

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Premiers Notley and Horgan: Re: Your meeting on Sunday regarding Kinder-Morgan Pipeline: This morning we woke up to the news that the herd of BC/Washington Woodland Caribou is now down to three females and close to extinction–possibly due to industrial activity. We hear about so many extinctions now and just… Continue reading Pipeline letter

Dear Premier Notley

It is our pleasure as British Columbians to welcome you to Vancouver this coming week. We understand you have come to our fair city to address the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade on the merits of the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline project. We must apologize for our weather; it is a bit dark and damp… Continue reading Dear Premier Notley

Watching you Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau; You will recall that at your book launch in Park Royal you graciously autographed below my comment ‘Watching You!’ An autumn of sheer delight over your victory, boosted by a blossoming ’SunnyWays’ atmosphere across the land culminated in Canada’s strong and confident performance at COP21 where you and your team were… Continue reading Watching you Prime Minister