by Lillian Ireland Does he take the snow for granted when it’s 35 below? The prairie winds howl out his name walking towards the frozen pond with his well-used axe and auger so the cattle can quench their thirst, watching colours decorate the sky when sunlight starts to burst.   Dare I take the rain… Continue reading Waves

The World of Water

by Graham Rawlings I feel proud that the Australian State of Tasmania has recently declared itself 100% powered by renewable electricity. What a break-through, hopefully to be followed by many other jurisdictions in due course. Tasmania is unique in that it has a favourable climate, suitable topography, and geology which make it all possible. How… Continue reading The World of Water

What Will It Take for Governments to Act?

The biggest brown coal power plant of the world.

by Paul Strome Most people who live in a ‘free country’ like Canada believe they have the right to a healthy environment. We feel we are entitled to all that is imbedded in that philosophy – clean water, fresh air, healthy food, etc. Those of us who live in a rural setting (18% as of… Continue reading What Will It Take for Governments to Act?

Stepping out of the shade

by Jill Schroder “When day comes, we step out of the shade…” is an excerpt from Amanda Gorman, the youth Poet Laureate’s contribution at the Biden-Harris inauguration. This phrase landed with me and then rippled out. It does seem like we are stepping out of the shade now, in January. The days are getting longer,… Continue reading Stepping out of the shade

Lobsters, Legacies and Legalities in the 21st Century

by Bob Worcester The 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas with its “doctrine of discovery” declared “non-Christian” lands were fair game for European explorers. By this doctrine Canada was deemed “terra nullius” or “empty land” which when claimed for the Crown gave sovereigns the legal right to occupy, govern, defend and exploit that land. In the long sad history… Continue reading Lobsters, Legacies and Legalities in the 21st Century

To what do you assign value?

by Lillian Ireland Unparalleled reckoning… unparalleled possibilities… Have you ever sat at your window, waiting for dawn’s first light, the night had seemed so long and bleak, you yearned for things to get right? Life’s GPS was missing; it was hard to plan your day, you felt so uprooted, your plans had all shifted, the… Continue reading To what do you assign value?

Is there a limit to optimism when it comes to climate change?

by Fiacha Heneghan ‘We’re doomed’: a common refrain in casual conversation about climate change. It signals an awareness that we cannot, strictly speaking, avert climate change. It is already here. All we can hope for is to minimise climate change by keeping global average temperature changes to less than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels in order… Continue reading Is there a limit to optimism when it comes to climate change?